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Holiday Cookie Dough Sales 

A tasty way to raise funds to support local organizations and more.

What is the specific activity or project?
For over 10 years, Florence Interact Club members have made dough, baked and packaged cookies to sell to community members. The students, with the help of the culinary department teacher, made the cookies from scratch. The club sold chocolate chip, peanut butter, ginger snaps, oatmeal raisin and one gluten free flavor. Each order was the equivalent of two dozen cookies. They would sell about 100 orders each year. It took several evenings and many club members to accomplish this. Three years ago, we discovered that it instead of baking and packaging, which was very labor intensive, the clulb could sell more by selling tubs of dough. The club also convinced the culinary teacher to have his students help us as a part of a class project. This past year we sold more than 500 lbs of cookie dough. To raise a gross amount of $2,800.  After paying for ingredients, tubs and labels, the club netted $1,600. The profit margin was less this year due to the higher prices of supplies. 

Why was it particularly meaningful and/or fun for your club to do?
This is a great bonding experience and raises funds to support local organizations and one international service project. Due to COVID, the club was unable to do the cookie sale. The last time funds were raised through this event, we sent dollars to help repair bathrooms at an elementary school in Granada.

How easy or difficult was it to plan and implement? scale of 1-5 with 1=easy, 5=difficult
Scale= 1.  This is not a new event so much of the organization is easy. We get a lot of participation from club members. We also get a lot of support from our local Rotary Club (Florence).  They buy over half the orders.

How many active and engaged people does it take to be successful?
We have 15 to 20 club members selling. The actual packaging and distribution only requires 8 to 10 club members now that the culinary department is helping.

Does it require funding or additional resources to launch?  to continue?
We order all the supplies through the culinary teacher and he bills us after all the dough is sold.

Are you willing to provide any resources (templates, timelines, samples, etc.) to help other clubs?
Yes. It is really quite simple and easy if you have the manpower and adequate facilities.

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