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Community Easter Egg Scramble 

This is a long tradition in Florence.

What is the specific activity or project?
The Community Easter Egg Hunt/Scramble is a long tradition in Florence. Originally operated by the Rotary Club of Florence, it was turned over to the Interact Club roughly 15 years ago. The students begin soliciting area businesses and Rotarians to sponsor the event in early February. In March the club members gather to stuff 3,000 plastic eggs with candy. Plus, there are fifteen eggs with special golden tickets that the children can redeem for prizes such as: bicycles, scooters, stuffed animals and other similar items. The Rotary Club of Florence budgets seed money for this event and funds raised through sponsors are used to pay for eggs, candy, baskets, golden egg prizes and signage. The event is held at the local park the Saturday of Easter Weekend. The field at the park is divided into five areas for the five different age groups. Eggs are normally scattered in a roped off square area. At the sound of a siren from a police car, kids take off and gather as many as they can until all the eggs are picked up. Tubs are available for kids to recycle their eggs. Approximately 500 children ages 3 to 11 participate.

 This past year due to COVID, students had to rethink this event in order to keep people safe. They decided to place 12 eggs in each of the 300 sacks they assembled and they were delivered in a curbside pick-up next to the varsity football field. 

Why was it particularly meaningful and/or fun for your club to do?
This is a great bonding experience. The stuffing of the eggs is like a party. It is fun to see who will dress up as the Eater Bunny.

How easy or difficult was it to plan and implement? scale of 1-5 with 1 = easy, 5 = difficult
Scale = 3.  This is not a new event so much of the organization is laid out in a manual. We get a lot of participation from club members. We also get a lot of support from our local Rotary Club (Florence) and local businesses. Finally, we also have local fire and law enforcements there doing activities as well.

How many active and engaged people does it take to be successful?
It does take a significant number of club members to make it a success. Approximately 20 to 25 participate in all aspects.

Does it require funding or additional resources to launch? to continue?
Sponsorship from Rotary and local businesses is key. The cost of candy, replacement of eggs and purchases of grand prizes is costly.

Are you willing to provide any resources (templates, timelines, samples, etc.) to help other clubs?
Yes, as mentioned above, logistics are laid out in a manual. It is really quite simple and easy if you have the manpower and adequate facilities.

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