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5K Color Run 

A fun, non-competitive event where participants can walk or run.

 What is the specific activity or project?
A Color Run is a fun, non-competitive event (participants can choose to run or walk) with several stations along the course where people, if they choose, can have non-toxic, colored dye thrown on them. And we usually try to make sure we have a little extra to throw around at the end!

Why was it particularly meaningful and/or fun for your club to do?
We held this event for the first time in 2019 and had 190 participants and again in 2020 with over 240 participants. It is held as a fundraiser for Ten Friends, a small nonprofit based in Sisters which supports education and children projects in Nepal (so the colored dye was a natural fit given the Hindu festivities of Holi!) Although we have had to cancel the 5K Color Run the past two years due to COVID, it was a really fun event with about half of the participants gr. K-12 and the other half older than that. In addition to the run/walk, the event was becoming known in the community and was evolving into a family-oriented gathering with games, raffle, food trucks and a DJ for pre and post activities.

How easy or difficult was it to plan and implement? scale of 1-5 with 1 = easy, 5 = difficult
This activity is a definitely a 4-5 and a major operation that requires full club participation (minimum 20 active volunteers) in terms of planning, marketing, making t-shirts, gathering donations for raffle, registration (online plus day-of walk-ins), course set-up and cleanup, but it is a fabulous club bonding experience and there will be lots of smiles!

Does it require funding or additional resources to launch?  to continue?
The event requires ~$1,000-$1,500 start-up expenses (t-shirts, dye, insurance, etc.) but we have raised over $2,000 net each time it’s been held so perhaps you could get your sponsoring Rotary Club to front the funds.

Are you willing to provide any resources (templates, timelines, samples, etc.) to help other clubs?
Yes!  We have a detailed timeline and agenda that maps out all the tasks that need to be done from 3 months out through day-of-the-event plus sample registration forms, insurance waivers, where to buy the dye, etc. which we are happy to share!

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